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XPLAN option to send emails to multiple clients

Oct / 21 / 2014

If you haven’t previously used XPLAN to send emails, you might not be aware of how it can save you (or other Users) time. XPLAN allows the option to send emails to multiple clients at once, while at the same time protecting their privacy.

Below we will provide a brief overview of sending an email to all clients (Option 1) and sending an email to a group of your clients (Option 2).

Option 1 – Sending an email to all clients.

A few examples of when this feature may be appropriate include:

1.       You’re planning a client information briefing and wish to invite all clients

2.       Wish to notify all of your clients about changes within your business e.g. contact details, hours of operation, fees

3.       Reminder to clients to make their superannuation contributions before the end of the financial year


To send an email to all clients complete the following steps:

Select List > Entire List in the top right hand corner of the screen in the XPLAN Search Bar.

This will list all clients.

Note: If you have filters set, your listing may not include all clients.

Click ‘Email’ and then select which option you wish to use.


The email editor will then open. If you click on the ‘Recipients’ tab, you will see all of the selected clients listed here.

Tip: You can also add other users, advisers, referrers etc. to the email list by selecting ‘Add’ and then selecting the appropriate option.



Tip:  Emails can be added as file notes against your client records in the Document Library. This can be completed via the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab.

Xplan sends an email for each of the recipients listed in the Type ‘To’ field. Each email contains only that individuals details.

Note: A CC or BCC receives a copy for each email sent.

To remove an email recipient, click on the ‘X’.



Make sure you Preview before sending your email, which you can access at the top right hand side of the screen.

Tip: Emails can be scheduled for a future date or time.


Option 2 – Sending your email to multiple recipients who meet certain criteria.

A few examples of when this feature may be appropriate include:

1.       An email about an upcoming Share Purchase Plan, Rights Issue, Options etc. to all of your clients who hold a particular investment.

2.       An email to clients in a certain aged range about a particular topic e.g. email to clients aged below 40 about commencing a retirement savings plan.


The most important step in this process is identifying an accurate list of clients to send the email to.

Xplan’s Advanced Searching functionality allows you to search your clients on a very wide range of fields and client data including but not limited to client focus data, portfolio holdings, invoices and campaigns.

For assistance with Advanced Searching, refer to our previous Blog posting dated 16 September 2014.

Once you have obtained your List of clients, follow the steps outlined in Option 1.

Alternatively, you have the option to manually select clients to include in the email by ticking the box next to their name, as shown below.

Once you have manually selected all clients that you wish to email, select the ‘Email’ button which will open the email editor.



Follow the steps previously outlined in Option 1 to finalise your email.

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For further information on emails, refer to the Xplan online help and tutorials.