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It’s EOFY already – Are you using Xplan to support your back office?

Mar / 12 / 2017

Xplan is not only a tool to help manage your financial planning clients, but can be an effective tool to help support your back office with their everyday tasks.

If you have tasks that must be completed by June 30 each year, implementing recurring tasks in Xplan helps to ensure that these jobs are not accidentally forgotten in the craziness of EOFY and staff are automatically reminded each year. They don’t need to think back twelve months and ensure they have remembered all the processes. It also works as a great instruction manual for staff as in every business there will always be staff promotions or staff leaving.

Using recurring tasks can also trigger the activation of Threads (workflows) for your EOFY processes.

Think about the tasks, file notes, documents or emails you always send this time of year and why not create them as templates in Xplan. 

If you would like any further information about establishing the above, please ask us at melissa@specialistpmc.com.au