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Creating Client Groups with XPLAN

Apr / 15 / 2015

When your company engages a new client, the first thing you probably do is create them as an individual entity in Xplan. Depending on the client, this may or may not be the only entity required. Some clients have numerous related entities including companies, trusts, superfunds etc.

Once you have created all of the additional related entities in Xplan, users want to be able to find and view all of these entities in a simple and quick manner. Xplan have created a great feature called Client Groups.

Client Groups allow you to link to all associated entities to each other, which you can view as a Relationship Tree.

Note: The Relationship Tree also determines which entities your clients can see when they use Xplan Client Online Access.

Once you have created the entities and are ready to link them, search for the primary client, then in client focus go to Admin > Grouping > Client Group.


Then select Edit, which is located in the top right hand corner.


Select ‘+’ to add related entities to the client and/or partner.


Search for the entity and select the ‘Relationship Type’ that applies. Then select OK.

 Make sure you select the checkbox to add the client to the Client Group, otherwise they are only part of the Client Relationship Tree.

The Client Relationship Tree shows the entities they have direct relationships with. The Relationship Tree however doesn’t determine reporting or analysis for groups; this is determined by Client Groups.

Make sure select Save once you have added all related entities.

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