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Understanding Rapid Business Growth

Feb / 16 / 2016

Rapid growth is part of many successful business cycles. It can happen as a result of a well-executed growth strategy or in response to an unexpected opportunity. As the reach of Xplan continues to grow throughout Financial Institutions, Specialist PMC has grown alongside of Xplan’s achievement.


As the global expansion of the Xplan system continues to dominate the Australian marketplace, Specialist PMC have needed to understand the benefits and pitfalls of rapid expansion. The company has doubled in size over the previous year’s staffing figures, has required larger premises and conquered new IT challenges that accompany rapid growth. We have also noticed that previous procedures that worked fine with only a few staff members don’t necessarily work as well when you double your employee numbers. Managements learning curve has needed to grow at the same rate as company growth, in order to stay ahead of issues related to expansion.

The balancing act between cash flow, staff numbers, training budgets and maintaining customer satisfaction can often be a daily activity that takes up a great deal of management time. This often adds to feelings of being unproductive. Additional labour hours need to be included in growth strategies.  This is often overlooked when the decision to grow a business is undertaken.

So, our response is “We Are Hiring”. On the lookout for Xplan Wizards that we can train into successful and productive team members. Join us at Specialist PMC if you want to become part of a business success story.