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5 Datafeed Tips for Xplan Users

Apr / 26 / 2021

If you are using Datafeeds in Xplan keep reading for 5 helpful tips on Datafeeds from the team at Specialist PMC!

1. Set Adviser mapping to Automap, but not to Auto-create Clients.
When setting up your Adviser mapping, we recommend selecting the option to automap to the client, but don’t select the option to auto-create as this usually ends up in duplicate clients.

2. Use Reconciliation Reporting.
Understand how your datafeeds are tracking by reviewing the reconciliation report. This report will highlight which client portfolios are not balancing to the provider balance.

3. Risk Only datafeeds will override data in Client Focus (existing insurance policies).
Once you have set up your Risk Only datafeeds, the data will flow through to the existing Insurance policy area of Client Focus. If you already have a risk policy that has been entered and the account number/provider details match, it is important to understand that the policy will be overridden by datafeed data, and therefore any custom comments will no longer be visible. For notes relating to a policy, we recommend adding the note within the File Notes area and then linking the note to the policy.

4. Risk only client datafeed mappings will be saved under ‘Client Focus accounts’.
If you are using a Risk Only datafeed then you will only be able to map the datafeed mapping under the Client Focus accounts. Otherwise, all other datafeeds should be mapped within the IPS accounts section.If a feed has IPS and Client Data flowing through then you only need to map the IPS account section!

5. Not all datafeed Adviser mappings are created equal – some require only an Adviser number, others need a specific datafeed adviser number entered, there are some that need you to register online for, a few require you to register via email/phone and then finally there are some that require login details!

If you would like more information about datafeeds, or to see how the team at Specialist PMC can help you with your datafeeds contact us today!