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Specialist PMC New Year Resolutions

Dec / 22 / 2015

Are you ready for 2016?

Time is already ticking away on 2016. What are your business goals for the New Year and how can we help you achieve them.

I often find it difficult knowing what I want to change in my business but have no problem knowing exactly what I don’t want. So that’s where I will start this year.

5 things to purge from your business this year.

·         Excuses

It is simple to make a list of goals you want to accomplish in the new year, but it is infinitely easier to find reasons why you will not achieve them. Lack of time, money or energy for new endeavors is nothing new to anyone. The most successful entrepreneurs have the same problems, but the difference between them and everyone else is that they look beyond excuses and find resources to fulfill their dreams.


·         Shortcuts

Cutting corners and taking shortcuts can help you get things done, but too often one shortcut leads to another, and the next thing you know you are deep into a pattern that ultimately requires more time to fix. Taking shortcuts professionally will lead to embarrassing performance. Taking shortcuts personally will lead to strained relationships and compromised health. Eliminate the inclination to take shortcuts and understand that focus, hard work and dedication are the only things that lead to success.


·         Frustration

All business owners have plenty of distractions about which to get stressed. Unfortunately, stress and frustration only make these situations worse. It all puts strain on your colleagues, your personal relationships and most important, your health. It will drain you of the energy you need to focus on your goals. Find outlets for your stress and focus your energy on staying positive. Sometimes easier said than done.


·         Blame

Good business owners are by nature at the top of the totem pole. Any failing in the business, regardless of circumstance, is ultimately their responsibility. Period. Sometimes this is a hard pill to swallow. Resolve to take responsibility for your actions and those of your business. Doing so will help you instead turn your attention to what is really needed: finding solutions and not focus on who to blame.


·         Clutter

I am a fairly organised gal. At the end of the day, I like my desk and email inbox clean. Unfortunately, I still have hoarding habits, keeping everything from receipts to files to emails for years on end. This new year, I decided to eliminate or archive anything that I have not read, worn or used since 2013. This includes everything from email to clothes to files (anything I was required to keep was scanned and stored in the cloud). The purge was amazingly refreshing, and it not only cleared out my closet and computer, it cleared out my anxiety.


If you can relate to any of these necessary purges, then kudos for recognising that you, like me, are guilty of them. That is half the battle to setting a better course for 2016. Once you understand the habits that are holding you back, you can make meaningful resolutions that bring you closer to achieving your goals this year.