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What’s on your Don’t Do List?

Jan / 04 / 2016

For many of us, today is the start of our new working year. Some of us are the glass half empty type – I have to wait twelve months for my next lot of annual leave. Some are the glass half full – What projects can I complete this year. But those of us that are true business entrepreneurs we look at our business from all sides, the things we can do, the things we didn’t do so well with last year but we also look at what we DON’T want to do and why.

DON’T, isn’t a bad word in business.

We need to listen carefully to this word. Our business 6th sense often tells us when to put the brakes on. I can hear you say ‘brakes on’ in January. I must be crazy.

While many things you will read this month will be motivating you to jump in with new projects, no one will tell you to walk. Yes, WALK, not with caution, but with a clear direction.

Look and listen to your 6th sense this January and you may find that each new project you tackle this year has purpose for the long term benefit of you, your staff and your business success.


First mission of the New Year – learn when, where, why and how to use the word DON’T.