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Is your Advice template working for you?

Oct / 17 / 2018

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Do you spend longer editing your merged output then you do entering the information?

Does your template have errors in the output?

Does it fail to merge the data that has been entered?

Or are you part of a team that is always looking to improve the way you do things?

An advice document is perhaps the most important document you can provide to your client; and if not designed efficiently they can take a long time to prepare. If any of the above statements describe your business then an Xplan Advice Template Analysis could be the ideal solution for you.

What is an Xplan Advice Template Analysis?

An Advice Template Analysis is a comprehensive review of the advice (Statement of Advice) template on your Xplan site. We look at how you have developed template and wizard within Xplan, how well it integrates your client data and modelling, and how you can generate advice documents more efficiently.

What is the Process Involved?

  1. Book in for an Xplan Advice Template Analysis.
  2. Identify the key areas of improvement for your template and wizard.
  3. We will conduct extensive testing on your template for coding errors and gaps, and check that that your Fact Find data and modelling are integrated into the template.
  4. Identify systems, functions and/or processes within Xplan that can be implemented to help you generate your advice documents with greater efficiency.
  5. Receive a comprehensive report outlining our recommendations; this can also act as a project plan for taking the next steps in improving your advice template.

For further information on an Xplan Advice Template Analysis click here.

To book an Xplan Advice Template Analysis phone 1300 664 665 and one of our Practice Management Consultants will get you started.

LIMITED OFFER*: For any template enhancement and development work commenced following completion of the Advice Template Analysis; we will give you 15% off if you commence within 14 days of the Advice Template Analysis completion.

*Only valid for projects commenced prior to 30 November 2018.