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Roadmap to Success

Oct / 15 / 2018

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For any business, new or existing, its important to have your roadmap for success i.e. a document or plan that outlines how you intend to:

  • grow your client base 
  • assist your clients to achieve financial independence
  • increase profitability without damaging your business brand/reputation
  • grow the value of your business

The most common reason given for not having a roadmap or being able to implement one, is time. It can be difficult to create and implement your roadmap when the daily grind of business administration gets in the way of your productivity.  

Through use of system features in Xplan, you can streamline and automate your processes and tasks. This will increase your business efficiency by creating more time to focus on your growth tasks i.e. those tasks that will help you to grow your client base, brand reputation and service your clients. 


As the leading software in the financial services industry, Xplan has a wide range of applications. Most advisors view Xplan as a front-end (client service) tool to manage portfolios or create Statements of Advice. However, few businesses realise the potential of Xplan to manage their business processes including some back-end operations such as Commercial, Human Resources and Compliance.

At Specialist PMC we do all the hard work of implementation for you, so you can focus on your business outcomes i.e. providing service to your clients, and attracting new clients. We look forward to showing you how you can fully utilise and integrate your business processes into Xplan.

If you are ready to review your business processes to increase your time, book a phone meeting on our website now and we can get started today!

Some of the topics you can look forward to reading about include:

  • The importance of efficiency in business processes
  • A special offer to develop or enhance your advice template!
  • Process and functionality to streamline your Prospective client and Annual Review processes
  • Using Document Library for storing key company policies and processes
  • Tracking FUM and billable hours within Xplan to streamline your invoicing process
  • Considerations for ensuring a smooth transition between exiting and new employees
  • Managing your marketing and events through the use of Campaigns
  • Managing back-end processes through the use of Xplan Tasks

If there are any other business process integration topics you would enjoy hearing about, please send a request to cassie@specialistpmc.com.au.