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The Importance of Efficiency

Oct / 16 / 2018

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We come into contact with a wide range of financial planning businesses that use Xplan. Each business is unique with their processes, target client base, and type of advice they provide, however nearly all businesses respond with the same type of answer when asked about their goals.

Common responses include:

“Maximise profit”

“Grow my business”

“Increase sales/revenue”

When we explore this goal further, we discuss how this goal might be achieved by their business.  Again, this type of question tends to attract the same type of responses including:

“Get more clients”

“Provide more advice”

When presented with a scenario, what if 10/50/100 new clients came on board per month?

This question is starting a conversation about how these new clients will be serviced if they were to come on board.

Unfortunately, many businesses find it difficult to produce the solution to this issue/query and it’s very understandable. Most businesses would probably like to bring on additional advisors and support staff, however in doing so the business costs will also increase, and they likely haven’t actually addressed the underlying barriers to growing their business.

In a lot of cases, the key issue is efficiency.

As an example, is your paraplanner spending 5-10 hours preparing a Statement of Advice? We have even heard of businesses where a paraplanner or advisor spends 20 hours writing the advice document; that’s 2.5 business days! If developed well this process could be done in half the time through the use of Xplan. If your business is spending extensive time writing advice documents, it is going to have difficulty servicing any new clients.

At Specialist PMC we help identify the areas in your business that can be more efficient through the use of Xplan. There is a lot of functionality in Xplan that can save users time, and a lot of processes that can be built to save a business time and money.

We love nothing more than to work with a business to develop, enhance or fix their advice template. It’s not the only solution to the efficiency problem, but it’s certainly a great place to start if any of the following statements apply to you:

  • Don’t know how to use your coded template in Xplan
  • Have a template that is clunky, inefficient
  • Enter data into your wizard that doesn’t output
  • Conduct modelling that doesn’t output, or
  • If your output is full of coding or formatting errors
  • You’re focused on efficiency, and always looking for ways to improve what you’re doing.

If you’re a business that resonates with some of the statements above, then watch this space; we will be releasing a promotional offer shortly for an Advice Template Analysis.

If you don’t have a coded advice template within your Xplan site, we would love to work with you to develop a template, wizard and process that is the right fit for your business. Get in touch with us today!

This blog and the upcoming offer is looking at one area of your business where there is potentially huge time-efficiency gains to be made, however it is certainly not the only area.

Below is a few ideas (both big and small) that may allow you to create efficiency using Xplan.

  1. Don’t manually add your review thread to each client; have your Review Thread automatically activate on the clients review date.
  2. Use XplanConnect to link the Contact Us form on your business webpage with your Xplan system to automate client creation and a response to the prospective client that has enquired.
  3. Send your emails from Xplan and use the save file note features; cut your integration time (dragging and dropping or filling to Xplan) in half.
  4. Use Xplan diary to automate confirmation and reminder emails to your clients.
  5. Use Client Online Access and allow the client to complete their fact find online; it might not be appropriate for all your clients, but can save in data entry where it is appropriate.
  6. Create a Strategy library of text for your advice document; don’t lose hours copying/re-typing your generic explanations for key strategies and legislative information.

Keep an eye out for our next blog regarding Review processes.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please phone us at 1300 664 665 or send us an email at cassie@specialistpmc.com.au