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Australian Financial Dealer Groups and Site Administrator

  • Do you need a site administrator?
  • Do your advisers have access to recent compliant SOA templates?
  • Are your advice templates coded to minimise the amount of time spent manually creating compliant documents?
  • Do you as a Dealer Group have threads developed to assist the Financial Planning Practices with the advice process to minimise compliance issues?
  • Are your advisers aware of how to fully integrate XPLAN into their Financial Planning Practice to optimise business growth?
  • Do you need assistance transitioning new advisers onto the XPLAN program?

Let your advisers make the most of their XPLAN program.

We can customise specific areas of your site, that allow your network of advisers access to and help increase the asset value of their businesses.

How we can support your financial dealer group

  • Help manage and assist with your ongoing XPLAN software program in relation to Adviser support queries.
  • Liase with your IRESS Account Executive and Dealer Group Advisers in regard to “upgrade” XPLAN site monitoring for effective site functionality.
  • Provide transition assistance (with IRESS) for your new advisers onto the XPLAN platform.
  • Help maintain site data integrity.
  • Monitoring of user capabilities, establishment of new XPLAN and trial XPLAN licenses.
  • Provide XPLAN training for advisers nationwide including rural areas.
  • Support for answering technical enquiries.
  • Assistance with PD days for XPLAN support.
  • Customised Thread Management.
  • Customised Advice Document Management and Coding.
  • Coding of Customised SoA documents.

The difference with Specialist PMC

We can offer part-time or full-time support to all advisers, whether or not numbers increase. Our service can remain at a set budget for the Dealer Group or we can offer a retainer agreement.

Alternatively if you are unsure of support demand we offer ongoing assistance to the Dealer Group for an hourly rate. There can always be an option of transition to a fixed support monthly fee.

If you would like to discuss how we can assist your Dealer Group, please contact us.

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