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How Xplan Can Help Keep You Connected

May / 03 / 2022

Operating your Financial Planning business throughout a global pandemic certainly brought its challenges flowing through your office door. Unfortunately, the foot traffic of clients through your door probably halted at the same time. While many businesses are back conducting appointments face-to-face, the convenience of offering services remotely appeals to many time-poor advisers and their clients. Staying connected with your client base has never been more important. Thankfully, Xplan makes staying connected with your clients easy —Whether you choose to do so face-to-face, remotely, or a combination of both.

How do Financial Advisers handle social distancing?

For many advisers, the introduction of social distancing meant that clients no longer showed up to appointments — instead, they either declined their scheduled review or opted for alternative arrangements. You might be surprised to learn that only 12% of clients attended in-person appointments last year!

Now that the pandemic is part of everyday life, many financial planning practices are looking at how to continue providing advice to clients, while juggling their ongoing business requirements, with a client base who is more reluctant to come into an office.

Many financial planners in the industry are using Xplan software to help bridge the gap, stay connected and continue to add value to their client’s lives, here’s how:

Online Meetings

Perhaps the most significant way that clients are attending their review meetings and financial planning appointments are through Online Meetings. Of course, when using technology via video conferencing, it’s critical to ensure that the software you’re using is secure — and that it’s designed with the Financial Services industry in mind.

One of the best Xplan solutions for this is the Online Meeting functionality. This Xplan feature provides the ability to schedule an online meeting directly via Xplan, then throughout the meeting, digitally sharing, signing and even witnessing documents. The video technology will record all of your discussions and store the details of the meeting straight into your client’s file note in Xplan!

Being able to integrate this technology into your process can not only keep your advice relationship alive but build incredible efficiencies in your process. It also allows you to meet with your support staff in the same way, particularly if they’ve moved to a work-from-home arrangement.

Zoom Integration

While we’re on the topic of online meetings, the Zoom Integration is being used by many practices. Often, it is the support staff who arrange the meetings, but with standard online Zoom meetings, the Host (in this case, the adviser) needs to send the meeting invite.

With Zoom integration, support staff and other colleagues are able to book meetings on behalf of Advisers. This added flexibility doesn’t come with any additional complication – in fact, the simplicity of creating a video meeting remains, while allowing the Adviser to retain the same powers as the meeting host as they usually would!

Client Portal

Part of your value proposition may be that your client’s information is available to them at the click of a button. Prior to the digital age, this would mean making a phone call through to the adviser’s office, but thanks to the Client Portal in Xplan, your clients can safely, securely and reliably access their data and administration reports such as financial statements, insurance certificates, or even something as simple as a portfolio balance.

All Xplan users have access to the Client Portal free of charge and it’s a great example of how Xplan can help you stay connected with your clients.

Digital Signatures

Another way to stay connected and enhance efficiency is to complete all eligible documentation with digital signatures. Previously, many firms had compliance questions about signing digitally, however, most investment platforms and superannuation companies are accepting digital signatures!

Understandably, not every customer across your client database will have the technology at home to sign their documents electronically, but being able to introduce this to your business practice can not only connect you with your clients but deliver a better, more secure service.

As we mentioned earlier, the Client Portal and Online Meetings hold the functionality to complete signatures no matter which location you or your clients are in!

Is Financial Planning possible when clients don’t want to come into the office?

Your service offering may be about your personal touch, and we understand that social distancing, or even those who have turned to a ‘bucket-list-living’ mentality, might make it more difficult to execute your value proposition.

Despite this, having a flexible, tailored Xplan portfolio and strategies in place to meet the ever-changing demands of clients means that having a thriving Financial Planning business is absolutely possible, despite your clients being in various locations.

Benefits of Xplan

The unrivalled functionality of Xplan means that its flexible platform is perfectly positioned to support you to achieve and create the ultimate planning practice. Not only can you sync your Microsoft office suite of products onto the platform, but Xplan provides you with the inbuilt ability to:

  • create and review portfolios,
  • effortlessly compose compliance documents,
  • access integration of datafeeds directly onto the platform,
  • develop and analyse strategies for every scope of a client,
  • identify business opportunities across your client database,
  • seamlessly connect with clients and build efficiencies throughout the entire advice process.

Having the best financial planning software on your side can make the whole service offering more efficient for your clients and staff.

Whether you’re a manager, support staff or adviser, get in touch with us to find out how we deliver tailored Xplan solutions to businesses just like yours, to make sure that your processes support the connectivity of clients in today’s COVID-age.