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Improve Your Customer Service With Xplan

Dec / 17 / 2021

Customer service is an essential element of any business, but it is hugely important in a service-based profession like financial advice. If you have wondered if you could do more to improve your customer service satisfaction, we have the answer! Improving these Xplan customer service skills could be the catalyst for stronger relationships with your clients.

Provide clients access to information

Xplan has the power to enhance your customer service skills with the click of a button. With Xplan’s Client Portal, your clients can be at ease knowing that all of their relevant documents can be stored conveniently in one place. Using Xplan’s Client Portal as a document vault puts their documents securely alongside their portfolio data, making for an easy to use and efficient client experience.  The Client Portal has some great engagement and relationship building tools. It allows you to seamlessly contact your clients from anywhere in the world — which is handy when you’re in the same town but can’t organise a face to face catch up! These digital tools allow you to be there for your client’s when they need you most.   The Client Portal also allows clients to view instant feedback on their financial standing and progress towards their goals. This means your clients can see how much you’re helping them stay on track. In addition, this tool streamlines back-and-forth communication, allowing you and your clients to save time. 

Check-in with clients often

Checking in with your clients helps to build your relationship and strengthens trust. Using the Mailchimp integration in Xplan, you can check in with clients via email as often as you’d like, sharing important information and reminding them of crucial dates.  The Mailchimp integration allows you to get news out to your clients about your business, services, relevant updates and helpful information they might be interested in. Keeping clients up-to-date on industry news and business updates helps keep them as a part of your close network.  

Digitise services 

Xplan provides a number of integrated digital tools which gives you the ability to provide exceptional customer service.  Having to post documents in the mail for a signature or organising your clients to come into the office has become increasingly difficult, especially with so many people now working from home. Xplan’s Client Portal makes collecting signatures simple with the digital signature process. This allows for the signing of documents to happen quicker, more efficiently, and provides convenience to you and your client as they can access the document in seconds on their phone or computer, and send it back without needing a printer. As an Adviser it is important that you have up to date client information on hand in order to provide your client recommendations. The ability to integrate a simple online fact finding tool or provide your existing clients with a reverse Fact Find before their meeting, saves you time and increases the likelihood of data actually being provided. Online tools such as iFactFind integrate with Xplan to provide secure and accurate client data collection. iFactFind helps you make the right decisions with your clients with its ability to consider timing, actual investments, tax, detailed and realistic goals and more. 

Keep in touch on special occasions

Using Xplan Scheduler, you can make your customer service stand out from the rest. This Xplan functionality allows you to send automated emails to your clients for special occasions, such as their birthday or Anniversary. Reaching out with a personal message leaves an impact on your clients and will help strengthen your relationship with them. With Xplan Scheduler, automated emails can be set up quickly and can be customised to specific mailing lists, which you can control. We all know how important customer service can be. By maximising your customer service skills it could mean the difference between a satisfied client or a client that moves on to another planner. Using Xplan, you can increase your efficiency and keep in touch with your clients.  For Xplan help, get in touch with Specialist PMC to fully maximise your customer service potential.