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Yes, FDS is still a necessity

Yes, FDS is still a necessity. Here are some Tips to help get you started.

Specialist PMC - Xplan/Adviser Logic Customisation for Dealer Groups & Financial Planning Practices Australia Wide.

While there have been recent legislative changes about Fee Disclosure Statements (FDS), Financial Planning practices need to remember that there is still a necessity for their business come July 2014.  You will need to start sending them out to any applicable clients you have obtained from July 2013.

If you are still unsure about how to get started, an ideal pace is to make sure your database on Xplan has been cleansed.

- Do you know how to change your Client Entity Status to Archived?

- If you have your own Xplan site, do you know how to add additional Categories?

If there are any questions you may have, please send them through so we can all help make this FDS transition a smooth one.

Specialist PMC

Written by : Specialist PMC