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Specialist PMC: The Xplan Specialists

Apr / 06 / 2021

Founded in 2011, Specialist PMC has successfully improved the business efficiency of close to a hundred Financial Advisers and Dealer Groups across Australia by helping them effectively understand and remedy the complexities that can arise from the Xplan platform.

Who is Specialist PMC?

Have you ever spent hours tirelessly trying to find a datafeed issue with Xplan? How about having to make post-merge updates to your advice documents because the merge coding or client data wasn’t quite right? Specialist PMC is your team of Practice Management Consultants who have the expertise to solve any and all Xplan issues you run into. 

More than that, we are a team of specialists providing expert advice and assistance regarding administration support and all things Xplan — including customisation and personalisation — to Dealer Groups and Independent Financial Planning practices all across Australia. 

Who do we help?

We provide personalised Xplan solutions to Financial Advisers and Dealer Groups who are looking to solve issues and utilise the software to its fullest. 

With consultants all around Australia, and the ability to facilitate high-quality consultations remotely, we proudly provide our affordable, tailored solutions to Dealer Groups and Financial Advisers all around Australia — including rural and remote areas. 

We have experience working with both boutique planners and licensees, including some well-known names in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing affordable, tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes. 

How do we help?

We get your Xplan working in sync with your business through personalization and error elimination. Personalised wizard development, coding and process building mean that we can improve your performance and increase efficiency. If you have an Xplan issue, we can solve it. 

  • Site analysis. We offer a comprehensive site analysis, where we review your setup and data foundation to identify errors and areas for improvement. After the analysis is complete, we’ll provide you with details of all the recommendations to get your Xplan working for you as efficiently as possible. We can then implement the recommendations for you, or you’re welcome to make the changes yourself.   
  • Datafeed Analysis. Increase efficiency by ensuring your datafeed is performing correctly. We take a look at your datafeed setup, client and adviser mappings, and correct any datafeed problems you are experiencing.
  • Coding and Wizard Development. We create the perfect Wizards and merge documents that align with your business processes. Our coding provides custom and personalised merge documents for your Fact Find, Statement of Advice, Record of Advice, Financial Disclosure Statement, Review documentation and modelling.
  • Troubleshooting. If there’s something you can’t quite work out, or you feel that there must be a more efficient way to use Xplan, we provide the answers you’re looking for. Whether it involves coding, automation template design or data feeds, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for. 
  • Compliance. Compliance is of the utmost importance when it comes to financial planning. We can help you set up your client information and processes to make sure you’re maintaining the highest level of compliance. 
  • Efficiency. There are many ways to use Xplan to increase efficiency. We make sure you understand how to use Xplan in a way that fits in with your business processes. Through customisation, coding, thread & template development, ROA & SOA processes, as well as staff training, we personalise your Xplan software so you spend less time on tasks that can be automated, and more time on changing your clients lives.
  • Outsourcing Administration Support. If you or your staff are wasting precious time on menial administration tasks, we have a Client Services Manager outsourcing solution that can save you time and money. 
  • Xplan Training. We provide Xplan training to advisers nationwide, either face-to-face or remotely. If you are looking for support or Xplan training, we would love to help.

With Specialist PMC on your side, you’ll have your business running as smoothly as possible. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you!